Starting this Friday, April 8th, will begin the start of four extra large Road Apples Almanac Comic strips that will finish on April 15. I am real excited to show everyone them, so please don’t forget to drop in and check them out.
On another note , I was thinking about switching to brush and ink for a while, but have to decided to stick with my Microns for now. Microns and I have been friends since the mid 90’s when i started on my first strip Castor, and now I continue to use on Road Apples, I feel to switch, would change the feel and look of the strip. Also Brush and ink would slow me down considerable and is not as portable as the micron. ( I sometimes ink the strip on my lunch break at work so this is important). On saying this I will keep practicing with the brush and will use it from time to time.
Don Ahe