So last weeks Art topic for the Comic Creators Minigroup was to celebrate the return of  John Sanford’s Chippy and Loopus. The group really did some fun stuff so check it out!

I finally repaid my cartooning compatriot  Jerry Benedict for his Fan art he did of Aldous and Shep, I drew his selfish, rascally title charater Bunny Wiggins and his protector and lover, the Countess Titania. James Bond style pulp from the villains point of view, Jerry makes you root for the bad guy, even though you know he deserves every awful thing that happens to him. It’s fun writing andthere is more going on then the surface of pretty girls and cool fight scenes. You want Bunny Wiggins to find redemption and become more then the self serving, pig that he is.  My fan art tried to capture his sinister heart and relationship to the Countess i hope you like it.

I also started putting up art on a blog called Fiction Fables if you are curious