I don’t read many comic books, I am mostly a comics strip reader. When I walk into a comic book shop and see the shelves stacked full of superhero titles with nothing to discriminate one title from another i wonder how a reader chooses between a Batman title versus a Avenger title. (Now I am talking about monthly titles, not the vast array of graphic novels that inhabit a store.) I mean the art is all great, yet all so similar, and upon some exploratory reading the writing styles seem very generic and interchangeable. I think those are the benefits independent and self publishers bring to the table; it’s their freshness of voice and style. To me it’s no surprise that self published titles like Bone, TMNT, and Cerebus were so successful. They brought their own voice and vision to a market watered down with common place art, stale characters, and repetitive stories. So when my buddy Brian told my about Blair Kitchen’s The Possum I was curious, of course, but also wary. Because for every great self-published offering that is well drawn and storied, there are a thousand that, well… plainly suck. Blair Kitchen’s The Possum however is not one them!

The Possum is well drawn and and well thought out. The set up is not rushed and the attention to minor characters and their foibles makes the reading enjoyable and funny. The possum himself is the antithesis of every superhero prior to him, not only does he not barely escape death each episode like most of his hero peers, he actually dies several times. That is his lone power: he can’t be killed! No super strength, agility, flight, just the ability to take a bad-ass beating! Funny and entertaining, I bought all five issues and am anticipating the sixth one. I highly recommend you ask your local comic book store to pick it up. Alternatively you can go to Possum Press and find the wonderful series there!

Thanks Mr. Kitchen for bringing us The Possum and God bless!