i have been listening to Deconstructing Comics for years, it is just one of those rare comic podcasts that seemed to earnestly strive to explore every aspect of the comics. Tim and company blend sincere searching questions, with understanding and experience of the medium they love. I was hestitant for years to offer up my comic for critique, but i figured if there was anyone i trusted to help me and encourage me with honesty, it would be Deconstructing Comics. so i sent them an email, and they graciously checked it out.

Thank you Adam and Tim, i really appreciate the time you took to read the strip, the encouraging words definitely inspire me to keep moving forward.

Thanks To Brian who keeps this site going, who gave me the kick to try webcomics 14 years ago.

Thanks to my readers who stuck with me, i encourage you subscribe to Deconstructing Comics, its like sitting at cozy coffee shop hearing earnest friends talk about things they deeply care about.

-Don Ahé

June 5/22