As you can probably tell I’m a big fan of Christopher Baldwin’s Strip LIttle Dee by the references I’ve made to it. So I assume you’ve checked it out by now and noticed that he also does a great strip called Space Trawler that appears Mon. and Wed. that coincidently I have done some fan art for, which appears today.

The great thing about Space Trawler (besides the art and story) is the characters. One doesn’t need to be interested in sci-fi to enjoy Baldwin’s work, the setting and subject does not force its will over the strip, unlike some sci-fi where the focus is the environment instead of the personalities. Don’t get me wrong, Baldwin sci-fi world is excellent, but the array of characters and their personalities dealing with their plight is what keeps readers coming back. The people (or I should say beings) are not one dimensional and have the possibility in all of them to be great and idiotic in any given situation, just like the rest of us.

In short it’s damn fine writing. I think you should check it out.