Aldous Years of wandering have brought Aldous here. Buying an isolated property with his friend Shep, he lives a simple self-sustaining lifestyle. Aldo buries his anger, resentment and loss in his work, hoping to find peace.

Known aliases: Jeff Sakai, Kelly Nolan

Shep (Shepherd) A happy dog, Shep comes from a rare breed of intelligent talking canines. Only caring for companionship, Shep doesn’t care for worldly things, only Aldous’ friendship. Shep is a happy-go-lucky fellow who is a bit of a practical joker.
Due to an accident, Shep is nearly indestructible, and has an insatiable appetite.

“The Doctor of Pop”, an arrogant jerk, once famous for his ability to doctor any song and make it a hit, now is in hiding for his dubious deeds.