Road Apples Almanac is a comic strip about an otter named Aldous, his dog Shep and their journey together. It appears every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Looking for a peaceful life, where he and his dog Shep can pass away their days away from a hectic world and troublesome past, Aldous has purchased 800 acres of bush and old pasture. Using only a few of the acres to support a small flock of sheep, some chickens, and a modest garden, and saving the rest as buffer from the world and room to indulge a variety of interests, Aldous hopes to let go of his hectic past.

Also, a farm happens to be the perfect place to hide Doc, the rooster, who for reasons unknown, won’t leave Shep and the farmer alone.

Shep adores his master, but likes to tease and egg him on. He is insatiably hungry, due to a mishap years ago.