Tomorrow, on March the 10th I’m getting my tonsils taken out,and I’m not looking forward to it. The main reason is cause everyone I tell that I am going to get my tonsil out they all have the same response.
Which is “I hear that is a lot more painful for adults then kids.” ya thanks for the info.

Oh well , that’s the way it is I guess, on the bright side I hear that I can eat Popsicles and ice cream like they were meals, so am taking full advantage of that! Enjoy your broccoli kids Dad is only eating this chocolate milkshake cause the doctor ordered it. But I don’t think that logic is gonna work on 3 year old, so maybe I best keep the treats a little quiet.

I admit I am kinda of relieved the whole Switch storyline is over, I truly hope it explained everything and not the reverse, make things more confusing. I love hearing from you guys thanks for reading,,
Don Ahe