After almost 5 years of appearing for free on the web, the very first book of ICECUBES the comic strip is finally going to be printed! The book will be awesome, 100+ pages, full color offset (not digital!) landscape format, featuring almost 200 strips with bonus pages full of behind the scenes drawings and sketches. Leroy is funding it thru Kickstarter and I’m reaching out to everyone I know to pitch in to help reach the full funding.

As you know Kickstarter will only fund the project if the total amount is reached, otherwise everyone gets their money back and the book is not funded. So it’s all or nothing! The deadline is Feb. 29. All the money raised goes straight into printing and shipping the book. Everyone who pledges gets rewards starting at $5 on up to $100. $15 is the base price for a numbered copy of the book and $25 for a signed copy. You can pre-order your copy for a dollar off the cover price before Feb. 29 here.