Nea Stella is something I am gonna enjoy doing.  It is going to be (for now) just 6 daily strips and one extra large Sunday style strip. This all came about because I was sifting through my Instagram, and in particular Martin Trokenhiem’s  work. When I came across his drawing of a retro spacewoman on the ready. I was inspired right away and drew some fan art.
But that didn’t satisfy me, I really wanted to explore this character and asked Martin if he minded if have some fun and draw a pulp adventure strip with her.  He let me name her, and Nea Stella she was christened. I had only envisioned one strip, the one above, but now I get to do more, likely they will all be done in a month.


I encourage you to check out Martin’s work on Instagram. He is always trying new things and his passion for drawing shines trough, and well he is an amazing artist.